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best IUI centre in Lucknow
In vitro fertilization is the miracle of science that helped millions of couples world-wide dealing with infertility problems. In vitro fertilization is the advent of assisted reproductive technology or ART which has the highest success rate.Consult at the best IUI centre in Lucknow.
best IUI centre in Lucknow
Many couples are going through physical, emotional as well as financial stress while starting their IVF journey. This article will be helpful for couples on how to gear up for an IVF journey and what needs to be avoided during the IVF procedure?
1. IVF is the most effective way for infertile couples to get pregnant:
In vitro fertilisation is highly successful nowadays. It is effective in male as well as female infertility issues. Egg freezing, sperm freezing as well as embryo freezing is available if couples want to postpone their pregnancy. Couples can also opt for donor eggs or donor sperm in case of poor-quality egg or sperm.
When you start your IVF journey, get acquainted with new phraseology of IVF like ERA, PGD and PGS etc. ERA is an endometrial receptivity analysis test which determines the best day of embryo transfer to optimise chances of pregnancy through IVF.
Preimplantation Genetic diagnosis (PGD) is performed if parents are carriers of genetic disorders and they don’t want those abnormalities to be present in the embryo to be transferred.
In Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) embryo is screened for abnormal no of chromosomes. It is useful in early detection of Down’s syndrome, Edward’s syndrome.
These tests benefit the couple by decreasing chances of IVF failure and selecting healthy embryos for implantation.
2. The process of IVF is tedious but worth a try:
IVF journeys start with counselling of both parents, if required family counselling. The woman has to be prepared mentally and physically to undergo IVF cycles. Then baseline bloodwork and ultrasound are carried out.
IVF specialists work on normalising the menstrual cycle through injections or contraceptive pills. On the 1st or 2nd day of period injections are started for ovarian stimulation to mature the eggs present in the ovary . After egg maturation, a minor surgical procedure is carried out to retrieve the eggs with the help of ultrasound. Eggs are allowed to meet sperms of intended father in lab culture to form embryos. 3 to 5 days old healthy embryos are selected for transfer into the uterus with non-surgical procedure using small catheter.
After embryo transfer, the embryo will be implanted into the uterus by the body's natural response and women will conceive.
If the embryo is not implanted, then the woman has to undergo IVF cycle again. For further details one can Consult at the best IUI centre for the right guidance
3. Patience and persistence pay off:
A woman may require more than one cycle to get pregnant. IVF is not always successful in the first attempt.
During this delicate phase of life patience and persistence is important. Being neutral will help you overcome your disappointment due to failure. Stressful process is manageable by partners' support and cooperation during each step.
Through these IVF procedures taking good care of body and mind will succour in achieving your goal.
4. Choosing the best IVF centre is the first step to success:
The success of IVF is primarily imposed on selection of fertility centres, as all fertility centres do not have the same success rate. For a favourable fertility outcome choose your fertility clinic wisely and look for experienced IVF specialist, method and technologies used, well equipped embryology laboratory with trained staff. Book your appointment with the best IUI centre.
5. Healthy lifestyle is key to success:
Getting pregnant at a healthy body weight is important. Your weight should be according to your body mass index. Manage your weight with daily exercise like brisk walking, running, swimming, yoga, aerobics.
best IUI centre in Lucknow

Bed rest is not generally required during IVF, except special medical conditions. Vigorous exercises are not allowed. Women undergoing IVF treatment can perform daily activities.
Smoking and alcohol use can adversely affect the outcome of IVF. Both the partners should not use alcohol and quit smoking. Caffeine is associated with risk of miscarriage, so women should limit the consumption of coffee.
Following a balanced diet will aid in IVF success as a nutrient deprived body will not cope with physical and emotional changes. Vitamins such as folate,Vit D, and mineral supplements should be adequate to yield for higher success of IVF.
6. Effects of IVF treatment:
There is a surge of hormones during IVF, so women are emotionally drained. She is more prone to mood swings, anxiety, and depression.
Multiple injections can cause soreness and bruising at the site of injection. Mild symptoms like breast tenderness, bloating, pelvic cramps can be observed in some women. IVF can cause Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) due to over stimulation of the ovary.
The IVF procedure sometimes overshadow your relationship, as it takes toll on sex life. But many couples come out stronger with proper counselling and successful IVF treatment. Consult at the best IVF Centre in Lucknow
7. Baby born through IVF is as healthy as a normal baby:
Yes, that’s not the end of the story but that’s the beginning. A couple is sailing through hardships of IVF process for a baby, but IVF is known to have higher success rate with healthy babies born.
The test tube babies are physically and mentally normal as babies born with natural conception.

For further queries regarding IVF book your appointment at the best IUI centre in Lucknow. Dr. Richa Singh, IVF specialist, Urvara fertility centre, Lucknow.

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