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IVF truth that nobody tells you

Today, the number of married couples who do not have their own kids is increasing rapidly. This is the biggest sorrow for them, to overcome which they adopt all kinds of methods like taking medicines, fasting, going to Babas, etc. But, when they do not get any benefit from all these methods, then they start looking for some better way. In this case, the IVF centre in Lucknow can prove to be very helpful for them, but they are unable to take advantage of it due to their lack of complete knowledge about it. If you also want to know the complete information about IVF, then you must read this article.

What is IVF?

IVF is the full name of in vitro fertilization, in which the male sperm and the egg of the woman are mixed in the lab and inserted into the uterus of a woman who becomes a mother.

When is IVF recommended?

Doctors do not recommend any Married Couple to IVF.

The IVF process works only for those people who have these 5 Health Problems-

Blockage in fallopian tubes-

IVF is performed in the main condition when blockage occurs in a woman's fallopian tubes.

Male infertility-

Often, the reason for a married couple not becoming a parent is also male infertility.

Suffering from PCOS -

If a woman has a PCOS disease and if she wants to become a mother, she can adopt IVF.

Having a genetic disease -

Genetic disease is also the reason for a person to be deprived of the child's happiness.

Such people need not get upset as they can get child happiness from IVF.

The true cause of infertility is not known -

there are several cases in which the true cause of infertility is not known. IVF is also used to detect the exact cause of infertility.

Truths Related To IVF That No Ones Tell You:

1. Having a better success rate -

Genetic disease is also the reason for a person to be deprived of the child's happiness.

For example -a woman younger than 35 has a 53.9% chance of succeeding IVF, while women between the ages of 35 and 40 have a success rate of IVF of 26 to 40.2%.

(i). Proving useful for all types of people -

IVF benefits are not limited to women only, but can also be availed by surrogate mothers, gay couples, single women, etc.

(ii). Using donated egg/sperm -

In many cases, doctors also recommend some people to use donated egg/sperm.

In this way, fertilized egg and sperm can also be used in a clinic in IVF.

(i). Increasing the chances of a healthy baby -

Genetic screening is a very important test, which ensures that the baby is fully healthy. This test can be availed during IVF.

(ii). Reducing the possibility of miscarriage -

At present, many women have to face miscarriage.

However, its capacity with IVF can be considerably reduced.

(i). Constipation -

Some women may have constipation after IVF.

However, this problem is automatically fixed after some time, but still, a woman should not be negligent.

(i). Pelvic pain -

Pelvic pain can also occur after IVF, which if taken in time can control it seriously.

(ii). Blood in Urine -

Some women who undergo IVF also complain of blood in urine after administering it.

Although it can be treated with medicines, but if a woman feels this problem, she should inform her doctor.

(i). Stomach ache -

Other side-effects of IVF are stomachache.

If this pain is not cured in some time, then it is very important to contact the doctor so that it does not cause any serious problems.

(i). Having a Mood Swing -

Many times it has been seen that after Dr. Richa Singh IVF expert in Lucknow, there is a problem of mood swings in women. This problem has an impact on the woman as well as her family, which they are very worried about.

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