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Most of the time, women are cursed for being unable to produce a grandchild or being infertile. Infertility is not only specifically for women; even husbands can be infertile! Approximately 25 percent of infertility issues are due to malefactors. Infertility and stigmas go hand in hand. Traditional orthodox myths still prevail, and we news to end this. You are not alone, and there are more than 15% of infertile couples. Couples are typically called barren after a woman cannot become pregnant after 12 consecutive months. There are many misconceptions about infertility that need to be corrected by creating awareness amongst people.

The four most common misconception about Infertility are

Misconception #1

Most couples can conceive as soon as they begin their family planning

Most of the time, young couples abstain from getting pregnant initially within one or two years of their marriage. But once they start trying, there is a 25% chance of getting pregnant every month. But once they have been attempting for a year and still fail, the percentage decreases to 5%, and that's when they should consult a doctor.

Misconception #2

Smoking doesn’t affect my fertility

Using tobacco frequently affects both male and female gametes as they decrease the quality of sperm or ovum. Smoking as few as five cigarettes per day is associated with lower fertility rates in men and women. If you’re trying to conceive, it is best to discontinue all tobacco products.

Misconception #3

There is nothing I can do to stop “the clock.”

Yes, women have menopause, and they become infertile after a certain age. But because of advancement in medical science, you can freeze your ovum and be pregnant at any age.

infertility specialist in lucknow

Misconception #4

Abstaining from sex provides more potent sperm

Abstinence does not increase your chance of conceiving. Stored, older sperm is more likely to be damaged and lower your chance of conception. It is best to keep the male system flushed every one to two days to ensure sperm are fresh and of the highest possible quality.


Educating and being educated about these misconceptions helps you during family planning. Being aware is most empowering. Stress, weight, and age are also common misconceptions about infertility. If you cannot conceive and need some guidance, consult Dr. Richa Singh. She is the best infertility specialist in Lucknow. At her clinic ,UFC, there’s use of advanced & modern techniques like Endometrial Receptivity Era (ERA), Personalized Embryo Transfer, Blastocyst, Embryoglue, and PGD/PGS (genetic testing of embryos). Book your appointment now!

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