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best fertility expert in Lucknow

When it comes to infertility, one thing that comes to mind is IVF. But is that really the next step? Have you given a thought to other treatment options before IVF? Or are you not aware of them?

best fertility expert in Lucknow

The despair from infertility and the rush of having a baby may end up in taking complex fertility treatments. Infertility is a medical condition and infertility counselling is mandatory to find out root causes. According to Dr. Richa Singh, best fertility expert in Lucknow every case is different and patient centric approach is key to success in Infertility treatments.

Some fertility treatments that have great results

1. Ovarian Stimulation
In case of female fertility issues, ovarian stimulation through medication is an effective measure.
Hormonal imbalances and ovulation disorders interfere with conception. PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, Pelvic inflammatory diseases result in malfunction of the reproductive system. Sometimes just by correcting the menstrual cycle and ensuring ovulation can lead to successful conception.
Ovarian stimulation medication works well to correct hormonal disturbances. Various gonadotropins used for ovarian stimulation will regulate the monthly cycle and optimise the chances of conception. It gets easy to track ovulation and the fertile period of a woman.
With medications ovarian follicles start to mature normally and release eggs during ovulation. Some medications are also available that will aid in preparing uterine lining for implantation of embryo.

2. Intrauterine insemination
It is most commonly used as a treatment option when donor sperm are required due to male infertility problems or endometriosis related infertility in women.
It is a minimal procedure in which washed and concentrated sperms are injected into the intrauterine cavity with the help of a thin catheter at the time the ovary releases the egg. It avoids loss of sperm in vagina and cervix, and bypasses them to the uterus.
After hormonal medication has been given to the female partner, the treatment is carried out twice at 12 hour and at 36 hour.
It is a less invasive procedure as compared to IVF and proves to be effective in treating male factor fertility. best fertility expert in Lucknow
IUI is considered the first option of infertility treatment. The success rate depends upon the age of the patient and number of tries. Studies show moderate success rates in couples with first attempt of IUI. Infertility experts often try low complexity therapies like IUI before considering IVF in suitable candidates.Consult the best fertility expert in Lucknow.
3. Laparoscopy:
Certain growth and adhesions in the reproductive system cause hindrance in conception or embryo development. After assessing such conditions, laparoscopy surgery is performed which will optimise chances of conception.
Surgical laparoscopy is a minimally invasive procedure which requires small incisions. It is an outpatient procedure in which a fibre optic laparoscope is inserted into the pelvic area and surgeons can visualise abnormalities like cyst, adhesion,fibroids, or damage to reproductive organs. At the same time surgeons can remove the abnormalities. It will increase the chances of conception in future attempts.

As we all know IVF is the most effective form of assisted infertility treatments,but sometimes the tedious process is not required. Fertility experts guide you with less complex, minimally invasive options to fulfill your dream of a complete family.
Timely consultation and the right approach will save effort and money. If you have queries regarding fertility, book an appointment with the best fertility clinic in Lucknow.


After IUI, when should implantation occur?
Implantation occur within 7 days after IUI
Who should consider IUI?
Male partners with low sperm count, low sperm mobility, hostile cervical condition or ejaculation dysfunction,unexplained fertility, can be candidates for IUI.
How many IUIs should I try before considering IVF?
There is no one fit for all. It depends on the individual patient's condition. Your fertility expert will guide you better as per your case.
If a couple doesn’t get success after four ovulations , after performing IUI at the right time, it would be time to consider IVF.

For further queries contact Dr. Richa Singh, Fertility expert, Urvara fertility centre, Lucknow.

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