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causes and symptoms of a low AMH

What is Low AMH?

AMH or Anti-Mullerian hormone is a glycoprotein hormone that is produced in the follicles of the ovary. This test helps determine the count of eggs that remain in your ovary. If you want to determine your egg counts, you can always get this done at the best IVF center in Lucknow.

The human body is such that with growing age, there is a depreciation that occurs in the number of eggs. While a young female child is born, she has around 200000 eggs in her ovary. This number dramatically falls below the belt with advancing age. It is a known fact that the production of eggs occurs only once in a lifetime. Thereby when every woman loses part of the number of eggs in every menstrual cycle, it is to be understood that the quantity and quality of the eggs are affected, which directly impacts the ability of a woman to conceive.

With the help of the AMH values, the woman can detect when she is about to reach a menopausal state. AMH value between the range of 1-3.5 mg/dL is standard. Women having an AMH value over two are considered to be good candidates to conceive, and the results below 1 are indicators of a poor AMH value.

The question that we might stop and ask is what are the different levels of AMH, and how do they determine the state of the body in terms of getting pregnant? When we talk about low levels of AMH, we are signifying the fact that there is a direct connection between the AMH level and the number of eggs that are present in the woman’s body. With a low number of eggs, there will also be a fall in the AMH value.

What are the Causes of a Low AMH?

Natural agents that may result in the falling of the AMH level can be due to the age and gender of both males and females. A few of the other causes of it are listed down below;


This condition includes the overgrowth of the tissue outside the uterus. The condition proceeds with a lot of pain and may result in the damaging of the ovaries and the fallopian tubes. As there is a direct impact on the ovary, there will also be a significant change in the number of eggs and thus fall in the AMH level.

2.Genetic factor

When the lineage is considered, we see that people having a family history of positive AMH measures have also been reported to show or better values for AMH.

3.Polycystic ovarian syndrome

It is a condition that results in the secretion of the male hormone that is an androgen. It is due to the excessive secretion of the male hormone that is impacting the drop in the AMH levels in the body.

4.Autoimmune disorders

These are the other factors that may result in the damaging of the normal cells of the body, and also lower the AMH value as well.
It cannot be helped but noted that the destruction of the normal cells of the ovary, thus killing the eggs, also affects the expected levels of the AMH.

5.Lifestyle changes

This is something that we cannot skip. In today's world, we see that people are in an area where they need to deal with a lot of stress. This stress makes them handle situations where they succumb to drinking, smoking, and leading an unhealthy lifestyle. These factors result in making the eggs futile, thus lowering the AMH value.

What are the Symptoms of Low AMH Value?

Although they are not very specific changes that may give us an indication towards a low AMH value in a woman, however few of the symptoms that can be looked out for are;

  • (i). Reduction in menstrual bleeding
  • (ii). Irregularity in menses
  • (iii). The stoppage of the menstrual cycle

  • You can determine your AMH level by undergoing blood tests. It is to be kept in mind that if you notice any changes in your periodic cycle, it is of top-most importance that you reach out to your doctor at the earliest call. The treatment of a low AMH level is possible. Women who are undergoing this problem opt for IVF treatment which is one of the most potent treatments out there, ensuring the possibility of your child. If you are experiencing any such issues, it is time that you reach up to the best infertility doctor in Lucknow.

    How to Increase AMH Levels Naturally?

    AMH levels start to decline when your age increases but you can increase this level naturally by incorporating a few things in your diet. There is no specific diet plan that you need to follow to increase AMH levels but you consume some foods that boost AMH levels. Leafy greens like spinach or kale can help in increasing Amh levels in your boy. You can also add nuts, seeds, oysters, and berries to your diet to improve levels naturally. Other than adding specific food to your diet you should limit alcohol and caffeine, stay hydrated, and engage yourself in regular exercise. Limit your exposure to chemicals that are present in paint, cosmetics, and pesticides because they can also disrupt your hormone levels. Some lifestyle and dietary changes can help to improve your AMH levels. Although very high AMH levels can be a sign of PCOS. That’s why it is necessary to monitor your AMH levels.
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