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IUI Treatment Cost and Success Rate

IUI is a type of fertility treatment. It is commonly used by people who are using donated sperm for treatment, including single women, including female couples. But it can also be used by some heterosexual couples. This is a simple procedure in which sperm are inserted directly inside your uterus, which helps healthy sperm get closer to your egg. It reduces the time and distance of sperm to reach the egg, which can easily fertilize the egg.

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How is IUI done?

Your Lucknow IVF centre may use an ovulation kit, ultrasound, or blood test to ensure that the eggs are excreted when you receive IUI treatment.

If your menstrual cycle is regular then ovulation usually takes between 12 and 16 days. This may vary if you have problems with irregular menstrual cycles.

Sometimes, fertility drugs are used to increase ovulation before IUI. In this case, an ultrasound scan of the vagina is used to monitor the growth of your eggs. As the eggs mature, you are injected with hormones to stimulate their secretion.

Lucknow IVF center

The IVF center may suggest to your male partner not to have sex 2 to 5 days before this procedure. This helps to ensure a higher sperm count.

Then, your partner will need to sample semen in the clinic by masturbating in a cup. This is usually required on the same day that IUI treatment is done.

Frozen sperm from the sperm bank can also be used for IUIs, whether you are a single woman, a couple, or a lesbian.

Using donated sperm can be a difficult decision for you, especially if you are a married couple so you should consult a psychiatrist before proceeding.

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After taking sperm from your partner, they are immediately taken to a laboratory, where they are cleaned. You will be put to sleep on a table and your doctor will use a speculum (a tool used in a Pap smear) to slowly open the vagina's mouth and look at your cervix.

The cleaned sperm will be placed in the uterus using a long and very thin tube. You will have to sit at the table for 10 to 30 minutes after this procedure.

Most women do not feel any discomfort during this procedure, although some women may experience mild cramping (pain) in the uterus or vaginal bleeding after the procedure.

Once the process is over, you can wear clothes and do your normal daily activities. After the procedure, you may experience mild spotting (spotting) near the vagina for a day or two.

Symptoms of IUI

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Since it is a relatively simple and safe procedure, it does not require any special precautions. After the procedure, rest for a few minutes and then you can start working according to your routine.

Wait two weeks after the procedure before testing the pregnancy at home. Testing too soon does not reveal the correct result.

If the pregnancy hormones are not yet at a measurable level, the results of the test may come back negative, but you may actually be pregnant.

If you are using an ovulation-inducing drug like HCG, the portion of the medicine still left in your body may indicate pregnancy, while you may not actually be pregnant.

Lucknow IVF centre may instruct you to come home for a blood test two weeks after the pregnancy test, as blood tests are a better way to detect pregnancy hormones after fertilization.

If you cannot get pregnant, try using IUI again before other fertility treatments. Often, the same treatment is used for three to six months to maximize the chances of pregnancy.

IUI treatment has the following benefits -

IUI costs in Lucknow

IUI is a relatively low-risk treatment that can be a great option for many women or couples trying to conceive.

Naturally during conception, sperm have to travel from the vagina through the cervix to the fallopian tubes in the uterus. At the IUI, the sperm are placed directly into the uterus, which makes them directly close to the egg.

IUI is a small and relatively painless treatment.

If you have a disease called "Unreceptive Cervical Mucus" then this method may be useful for you because in IUI, the sperm is placed directly in the uterus beyond the cervical mucus.

Disadvantages of IUI

IUI costs in Lucknow

Some women may have mild spasms similar to menstrual pain in addition to the risks associated with IUI are very low.

If fertility medication is given to stimulate ovulation, sometimes some women may have an excessive reaction to these drugs and produce more eggs, causing multiple eggs to be fertilized simultaneously in the woman's womb. There is a risk known as ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS).

There may be a slight risk of infection after the IUI procedure. Although your doctor uses sterile devices, the risk of infection is very rare.

IUI Treatment Cost

IUI costs in Lucknow

The cost of IUI treatment can vary depending on your place of residence, in which city you get treatment and your specific need for treatment.

The cost of IUI in India is very low as a cycle of IUI can cost up to Rs 3,000. However, if you only need one cycle, you can expect to spend between Rs 5,000 and 10,000 in total as you will need to have ultrasound and other tests done before starting the IUI treatment process.

If the total cost of IVF treatment which is between 3 to 5 lakhs is seen, then it is easy to understand why the IUI remains a popular option.

The cost of individual IUI costs in Lucknow should be compared before choosing a clinic for IUI. Prices may vary greatly from one clinic to another. Also make sure that the cost of the hormone and any other medication is included in the estimate of cost, as well as the sperm cleansing fee.

If you are using sperm from the sperm bank, remember that you will have to pay an additional fee for each dose you use. If you have insurance done, find out at the clinic in advance what costs can be covered by your insurance.

IUI Success Rate

IUI costs in Lucknow

This process is not useful for everyone. Some women use it many times before getting pregnant, then they get success by going and many people do not get any success. Each pair will have a different response to the IUI and it is difficult to predict its success.

What are the other concerns related to IUI? The success rate of IUI is lower in women over 40 years of age and in women who have not become pregnant even after three cycles of IUI.

In any fertility treatment, the young woman is more likely to become pregnant. You are more likely to become pregnant if fertility medicines are given to stimulate your natural cycle.

You should discuss the estimated success rate of this treatment with IVF centre to see if it is a good option for you.

If IVI does not help you, you can also look for other treatments, such as In vitro fertility (IVF) treatment.

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