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Donor Egg Treatment is also known as IVF with donor eggs. It is a fertility treatment option for those ladies who can’t use their eggs due to different reasons. IVF with donor eggs has an excellent success rate, higher than even the average IVF success rates.

Why is Donor Egg Treatment done?

This form of fertility treatment is mostly used by those couples who are unable to use their eggs to have children. In the process of egg donation, the eggs used are those that have been donated by an egg donor. The woman who donates her eggs is known as the egg donor whereas the woman who receives the fertilized eggs/embryos is known as the egg recipient.

Donor Egg Treatment is indicated for whom?

Some cases where donor eggs can be considered are:

  • ● For women who are unable to produce their eggs due to reasons such as poor ovarian reserve due to age or premature ovarian failure.
  • ● For women who have failed their IVF cycles with their eggs and the quality of the eggs and embryos were not good.
  • ● For women ageing beyond 40 years.
  • ● For women whose eggs carry a risk of a genetic disorder and can’t afford genetic testing.
  • ● For women whose ovaries have been removed due to surgery or have failed due to cancer treatment
  • ● For men undergoing any urology surgery which can hamper the reproductive tract and cause infertility
  • ● For men who are suffering from cancer. Because chemotherapy or radiotherapy hampers the sperm and may lead to male infertility.

How to find and choose an egg donor?

The egg donors are selected very carefully for the couples needing although the identity of egg donors remains anonymous. The donation of eggs comes with a legal contract that spells out the terms of future relationships if there are any

If you decide to have donor eggs, you can ask your doctor for the available donors. There are several donor agencies well to find an egg donor. All donors need to be tested beforehand for any genetic diseases or disorders.

Donor Egg Treatment includes a rigorous screening of the donor to provide you with all the necessary details about her background, medical history, and other important information.

What is the procedure for egg donation?

The procedure for egg donation is very similar to that of a standard IVF treatment. Once the thorough examination of the donor is done she will be treated with hormone injections to increase the size of her follicles and once they are ready, the eggs are retrieved and fertilized with the sperm of the recipient’s husband. Simultaneously the recipient is given hormonal tablets to prepare her uterine lining for endometrium. Once embryos are formed and lining ready, embryo transfer is done in the recipient’s uterus.

Extra embryos generated by donor eggs can also be frozen for later use as a backup in case the cycle fails or if it’s positive then for future pregnancy.

What are the advantages of Donor Egg Treatment with the Urvara fertility centre?

  • Success: The success rate of donor egg treatment is higher than standard IVF treatment. We use only young and healthy women between the age group of 21 -28 years who have high-quality eggs as our donors.
  • Strict donor selection criteria: At Urvara Fertility Center we match our donors with recipients in terms of skin colour, eye colour, hair colour, height, blood group, and religion.
  • Safety: Urvara fertility centre ensures proper safety and follows treatment protocols which are specially designed to reduce the risk of side effects for the recipient as well as the donor.
  • Extensive Screening: All our egg donors go through a complete background check and extensive screening and not only donors but husbands are also screened for infection markers and after screening negative they are chosen.

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According to Dr. Richa Singh for Donor Egg Treatment in Lucknow, the process for using an egg donor to acquire fresh eggs can require 3-6 months and includes egg donor screening, stimulation of an egg donor’s ovaries, egg retrieval, injecting the eggs with sperm, incubating the embryos and preparing the uterine environment for transfer, then transferring a source to the female.
According to Dr. Richa Singh egg donors in Lucknow, the egg retrieval is done under sedation so a donor will not experience pain during the procedure. After the procedure, a donor will generally feel tired from the sedation, and she may experience some bleeding and cramping.
Because a donor egg won’t share any of its genes with its intended mother, there’s a chance the baby will not resemble its mother. However, if her partner’s sperm was used, the baby may look like its father because they share the same genetics. You can visit Dr. Richa clinic for the best treatment and the best egg donor cost in Lucknow.

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