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best ivf hospital in lucknow

Having a Baby Is Not Costly Anymore

Parenthood is a beautiful thing that is desired by many. However, due to different health complications and other biological factors that come naturally, not all couples who are in search of children have it easy. Statistics have it that one out of every six couples trying to get a child have issues to do so. This issues associated with fertility have become a pain to couples threatening their happiness. Trying to get a child in futility is an emotionally draining practice that has slowly led couples down the road of depression. However, the inception of in vitro fertilization rekindled the hope of many as it made it easy for couples to attain their dream of being parents. It is, therefore, very important to identify an affordable IVF clinic in Lucknow in order to be put on a program that would result in fertilization and finally successful pregnancy.

best ivf hospital in lucknow

However, IVF procedures have been associated with the well-off in the society. This has, for a very long time, made it an unattainable dream for the low-income families to become parents through IVF. Presently, agencies have been formed to make infertility treatment affordable for all. Also, fertility doctors are first venturing into different treatment options that are affordable before getting into the normal IVF standard procedure that is relatively costly. In Lucknow, this quest to make having a baby become an inexpensive venture has been geared by Urvara Fertility Center.

best ivf hospital in lucknow

Urvara Fertility Centre has an IVF unit that has been equipped with state-of-the-art equipment which has ensured that the facility offers comprehensive service to its patients. The hospital offers all major IVF procedures at an affordable price, therefore, reducing the burden on low-income families to achieve parenthood through these procedures. The facility has ensured that ICSI cost in Lucknow Is made affordable, therefore, increasing the number of men suffering from issues such as a low sperm count and poor sperm quality getting solutions to their problems. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) is an addition to IVF treatment that is aimed at increasing the chances of achieving successful fertilization by injecting a single sperm directly into an egg.

ICSI cost in Lucknow varies from facility to facility as well as from doctor to doctor. It is, however, vital that the background of the doctor performing the procedure be checked, as well as the facility where the procedure would be carried out. Choosing a fertility clinic only based on the charges is not a good move. A good research should be carried out to shed light on the competence of the facility.

The best IVF hospital in Lucknow carries out a comprehensive assessment of the couple having infertility problems to ascertain the root cause of the problem. The examination is done on both the male and female because contrary to the backward belief that associated infertility to women, the problem could be from either party involved. After a diagnosis has been made, the doctor embarks on selecting the best treatment option in the IVF procedure package that would be affordable to the patients. This treatment option looks at eliminating any procedures that may unnecessarily hike the cost of the procedure.

best ivf hospital in lucknow

Clearly, having a baby is no longer a costly affair. Low-cost IVF, whose suitability is mainly for women under the age of thirty-seven, has redefined the industry. The best IVF doctor in Lucknow explains that the suitability of low-cost IVF can be supported by the fact that after the age of thirty-seven, women tend to stop producing new eggs, therefore, reducing the quality of the already existing ones. It is, therefore, very important to understand that for a successful low-cost IVF procedure there are a number of factors that have to be met. First, the female party needs to have a good ovarian reserve as well as be within the age limit.