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What is Endometrial Receptivity Array?

Endometrial Receptivity Array (ERA) is a genetic test done to determine the window of implantation. It is done in highly selected patients such as those with recurrent or repeated pregnancy failures. ERA has emerged as a new hope for patients coping with failed IVF cycles and failed implantation.

This test is performed by taking a small sample of a woman’s endometrial tissue to verify if the endometrial lining is developed to accept an implanting embryo. During this receptive period, proteins are synthesized that make the endometrial lining thicker and more suitable for implantation. Although in the majority of women, this window is expected to be on time, there are some women whose window occurs earlier or later than expected.

For IVF cycles, it is important to know if the embryo cycle is being done on the correct day for the implantation to be a success.

How does ERA help?

As the uterus is usually the most receptive to an embryo around 19-21 days of your menstrual cycle, it is then when the embryo transfer is typically carried out. However, in some women, this window of implantation may occur earlier or later. This difference in timing can lead to the failure of IVF.

With the help of ERA, you can assess whether your uterus is receptive at its usual window or not. Depending on your test results, you can change the time of your embryo transfer to a better time with a higher chance of the embryo implanting successfully.

What are the reasons for implantation failure?

The most common reasons for implantation failure are:

Genetic Abnormalities: Chromosomal or genetic issues with embryos especially in older women are the most common reasons for implantation failures.

Uterine Receptivity Problems: Other than chromosomal and genetic reasons, uterine receptivity problems are a common reason for implantation failure. There are be several reasons for this problem such as:

  • Anatomical problems with the shape and position of the uterus
  • Compromised endometrial lining
  • Compromised auto-immune function


Some patients have described having either mild discomfort during the procedure or mild cramping after. You can take over-the-counter pain medication to address any discomfort, but you should first consult with Dr. Richa’s ERA center in Lucknow.
According to Dr. Richa’s Endometrial Receptivity Array in Lucknow, Four strategies for improving endometrial receptivity: to develop ovarian stimulation protocols that cause a minimum reduction in endometrial receptivity or may even increase it; to avoid the endometrium during stimulated cycles, to improve uterine vascularization and to treat the pathology.
bProgesterone is a hormone that helps the endometrium become receptive, and during an IVF cycle, an embryo transfer is usually performed after progesterone has been administered for five days. The ERA is done during a “mock cycle” on the same day that an embryo transfer would typically occur. You can visit Dr. Richa clinic for the best treatment, and the best era test cost in Lucknow.

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