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Myths and Facts of Recurrent IVF failures

Miscarriages are extremely unpleasant and dreadful experiences for the parents. The happiness turns into sadness in seconds with the sudden loss of the fetus. This causes unbearable pain, stress, and trauma for women especially. In many cases where women face two or more than two consecutive miscarriages is called a recurrent pregnancy loss. Women who face such kinds of situations often start believing in certain myths. In contrast to it, the reality is far away.

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Urvara Fertility Center is a best IVF centre in Lucknow and we aim to bust all such myths in order to ease out the pain of the women struggling with recurrent miscarriages. Let us take a deep insight into a few of them.

1 Myth: Recurrent Miscarriage can be caused due to inappropriate Care


Well, we don't deny it completely but there are 10% chances of this too. However, there are not just one but hundreds of causes for recurrent miscarriages. Abnormal shape of the uterus, genetic anomalies, blood clotting disorders, infections can be some of the causes of it. In some cases due to cervical weakness or age-related conditions plays a crucial role in recurrent miscarriages.

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Several hormonal imbalances can also cause recurrent miscarriage like-

  • (i). Thyroid Dysfunctions
  • (ii). Elevated Prolactin Levels in the Body
  • (iii). Unbalanced levels of progesterone
  • Due to blood clotting and related disorders, there can be a abortion which could be due to inadequate amount of blood reaching the fetus because of which the fetus could not survive.

    Myth 2: Only Mother is Responsible for Recurrent Miscarriages


    This is entirely false. The chromosomal abnormalities play a very important factor amongst early miscarriages and these chromosomal abnormalities occur due to inheritance from both parents or due to nondisjunction of chromosomes while formation of embryo,and so either or both the partners are responsible. Urvara Fertility Center is a Lucknow best IVF Center where Karyotypic Tests are performed. This test involves the analysis of chromosomes in both the partners. The chromosomal aberrations can cause repeated miscarriages. In a few patients, low or poor quality of sperm also causes infertility. Hence it is unjustified to blame only a single person for recurrent miscarriages.

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    Myth 3: Conditions like Recurrent Miscarriages Doesn't Need Diagnosis


    Dr RICHA SINGH, best Infertility specialist in Lucknow recommends that getting a comprehensive solution to infertility problems is necessary. We conduct the karyotypic test, ultrasound, and a few relevant blood tests to derive the exact reason for recurrent miscarriages and to diagnose the cause of miscarriage.

    Even in some cases when the reason is still vague we continue we do not stop. We start our treatment with the next moment till the next pregnancy is declared. We commence with our tgreatment early so that miscarriage can be avoided along with positive motivational therapy to our patient . This therapy prevents 90% of the unfavorable conditions from occurring.

    Myth 4: There is no Benefit of Prognosis and its Worthless


    Once the doctors at Urvara Fertility Center, get the nerve of the issue they start with treatment right away. The immune tolerance of the mother is treated with immunotherapy. With the aid of anticoagulants, blood clotting can be prevented.

    Couples who face unexplained recurrent miscarriages are suggested to undergo IVF.

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    Myth 5: Women Facing Recurrent Miscarriage Can Never Become a Mother


    Don't lose hope as nothing is impossible in this world. With the help of IVF's state-of-the-art techniques mostly 80-90% of the women have successfully got pregnant. Please be in constant touch with best IVF doctor in Lucknow.

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