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Semen analysis and advanced techniques in andrology and stress management

When you keep on listening to the statements like "try for a baby", "now you must conceive" can be a stressful situation. Perhaps for people struggling with infertility, this is not a sound piece of advice as infertility itself causes so much stress to the couples. Infertility can be traumatizing yet alarming at the same time. Patients facing infertility are often seen with the following symptoms.

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  • (i). Anxiety
  • (ii). Reduced Self Esteem
  • (iii). Lack of Sleep
  • (iv). Inhibited Social Life
  • (v). Sexual Dysfunction
  • During this time they seek someone to discuss and get a solution for their issues and find certain ways to reduce stress, anxiety and feel relaxed. The major need for stress management counseling is also required when the couple fails in the first cycle of IVF. Thus rather than wandering in the zone of negativity. It's always beneficial to consult the best IVF hospital in Lucknow..

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    At Urvara Fertility Centre, you can meet best infertility doctor in lucknow who not only treats the patient in best way but also counsels them with compassion and care and helps patients relieve their anxiety and give them hope and that’s the reason, We are unquestionably the infertility centre in Lucknow unlike others where counselling is done by other persons.

    Not only female infertility but many times Male infertility can be a dominating cause of not being able to conceive. We at Urvara Fertility Centre provide the best male infertility counseling in Lucknow as well.Here patients are optimised before treatments and then planned as per their individualised problem with a focus to offer them parenthood from their own sperms. In either of the cases one may reach out to us as we are just a call away from providing you the best counseling in town.

    Next step after careful counselling, patients need an evaluation for the cause of infertility in both females and males.In this evaluation process for infertile couples, semen analysis plays a very important role for diagnosing male infertility .

    The most important requirement for IUI is that woman's Fallopian tubes should be open and patent, so that egg can travel from ovaries to the tube, and sperm which is inseminated, can reach there and fertilize the egg to form the embryo/baby.

    Let us first know how do semen analysis works?

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    Semen analysis is the preliminary step to know the cause of infertility in males. By this test, the quality and quantity of semen/sperm are tested. Because for pregnancy,all the parameters of sperm should be appropriate and if any parameter abnormal then treatment can be offered to such couples. For the test ,Sexual Abstinence of 1-3 days by the patient gives better results so patients reaching the hospital should ensure that.

    During the semen analysis the following assessments are done:

  • (i).Motility Assessment
  • (ii). Sperm Count Assessment
  • (iii). Sperm Morphology Assessment
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    What is most important is the one who is performing the semen analysis. Here at Urvara fertility centre the semen analysis is done by senior embryologists who is trained to do this and gives the best insight about the sperm and helps in decision making of patients treatment plan as per the final report whether to plan for iui ,ivf or icsi.

    Urvara Fertility Centre is considered among the top IVF centers in Lucknow. . For male infertility apart from routine semen analysis, we also perform the additional advanced tests if required for the patient to know the level of DNA  fragmentation which can tell about the prognosis of the treatment , fructose test ,sperm aneuploidy test and many others which help in better planning for male infertility patients.

    Advanced tests that can be done in selected cases are -

  • (i). DFI TEST
  • With regards to male infertility , with help of state-of-the-art technology at Urvara, we have helped so many couples to become proud parents in case of male infertility . With the help of advanced tests and advanced technology now patients can attempt their pregnancy with their own sperm and do not need to opt for donors unlike previous times when such advanced procedures were not available or were not in reach of common man.

    Our treatment techniques for males suffering from infertility include- IUI ,IVF ,ICSI and other advanced techniques like-

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  • (i). TESA- testicular sperm aspiration
  • (ii). PESA- percutaneous epididymal sperm aspiration
  • (iii). MESA- microscopic epididymal sperm aspiration
  • (iv). MICRO-TESE.-microscopic testicular sperm extraction
  • At Urvara we strongly believe that analyzing your reproductive health of males and its treatment is as important as analyzing women's health and its treatment . For this we offer all services under one head to cater to the needs of each of our patients.Our satisfied patients often refer us to other people who are willing to conceive and that's the best thing for any infertility centre.