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While infertility treatment has come a long way, there have been no assurances that IVF or other fertility treatments would succeed for all. In reality, only about 30% of IVF cycles result in a baby, and the percentage drops significantly for women over 40. The final outcome of IVF may not have been an infant, but rather an unexpected emotional strain. So when you start your IVF path, it's a good idea to know what can hinder your therapy from succeeding and what you can do about all this.


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IVF can fail for a variety of reasons. The reasons are numerous and could be the product of a variety of factors, including some that you might be mindful of prior to beginning IVF care. Since no barriers to pregnancy are discovered previous to your IVF, action will be taken to address them.

Even so, in several cases, the reasons of a failed IVF cycle, or a series of failed IVF cycles, are beyond anybody's influence. Four of the most likely causes for IVF failure are listed below:

Poor Embryo Quality: Much as in a normal pregnancy, an embryo will often struggle to create properly. There could be a chromosomal or genetic defect that was missed during routine testing. About 30% of all pregnancies result in involuntary miscarriage. The embryo stops developing for no apparent reason.The embryo stops developing for no apparent reason.

Egg Quality related to Age: Women are born with all of the eggs they will need for the rest of their reproductive lives, as you are probably aware. The eggs are deposited in the ovaries, and the consistency of the eggs deteriorates over time. Whenever the condition of your eggs has deteriorated, they are usually unsuitable for IVF.

Inhibited Ovarian Response: Several women experience difficulties with their ovaries reacting and developing eggs suitable for IVF. This may be due to a variety of factors; but, as with bad egg quality, the most significant contributor to poor ovarian response is age. Women over the age of 37 are the ones that are most affected by ovarian dysfunction. An discrepancy in some hormone levels may also be a factor.

Failure to Effectively Attach to the Uterine Lining: If the embryo is unable to successfully adhere to the uterine wall, it will be lost. A thin endometrium, or uterine lining, is frequently the cause of failed implantation in the uterus

The consequences of a failed IVF cycle related to bad embryo quality may be catastrophic. The physical and emotional toll that a miscarriage has on you and your partner is explanatory, and shifting course at this stage is entirely plausible. If you're ready to try IVF again, preimplantation genetic testing, or PGT, is an option. PGT is particularly useful for screening for chromosomal anomalies in older women. This testing detects genetic and chromosomal issues that prohibit the embryo from functioning optimally. You'll learn the embryo's feasibility until it's implanted, increasing the chances of a good outcome.

If the quality of your eggs is in doubt, there are a few things you can do to prevent future bad eggs. Medicines that help your ovaries generate more eggs can increase your chances of creating decent eggs. Many women have their eggs frozen because they are aware of the potential risks with declining egg quality as they age. Others can choose to use donated eggs.

Drug to help regulate and repair your hormones will enable you to manage a poor ovarian reaction. In repeated IVF cycles, a different procedure can be beneficial in acquiring healthy eggs. Clinical studies have shown that repeated IVF cycles improve success rates.

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