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3 Ways To Support A Partner With Male Factor Infertility

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Infertility is a significant concern in a couple. It comes with hormonal changes, emotional disturbance, interpersonal stress and anxiety. Men are always on board to offer extended comfort and support to their female counterparts who are going through infertility.

The social conditioning that has taught men to be 'fine young gentlemen' has also conditioned them to be not very forthcoming with their emotions. Instead of expressing their feelings, they suppress them.

This blog can help women step up and offer the same care and support to their male partners. Here is how:

Your Partner To Express

  • Men have a desire for care. An act of kindness and a little pampering can help them open up. You can plan a visit to his favourite restaurant or cook him something special. Start a conversation on a lighter note. Assure him that you both are in this together and you are ready to run an extra mile for him.
  • Be a good listener. Do not correct or contradict his statements. Let him vent out his fears and anxieties before treatment. Words like 'you need to understand' won't do much good. Reinforce him by saying, 'you can take your time' or 'you can count on me'.
  • Support does not need to be extravagant. Simple gestures like hugging or walking together also play a significant role in strengthening your bond.
  • Every relationship has ups and downs. Avoid bringing up the past problems or poor decisions made in personal and professional life. You cannot change your past, so why crib? Brace yourself for a better future. See each other beyond all imperfections and mistakes.

Work On His Fears

  • Googling the problems has become human nature. Yes, the issues are no longer discussed with a partner or an expert; they are googled. You have to burst that balloon of myths and fact check his concerns.
  • If your partner is addicted to smoking or alcohol, you can politely tell them how it shrinks the blood vessels and decreases the vital organs' blood supply. Show them how they can reduce the intake by seeking help from a professional.
  • Tell them to focus on the positive part and how it has brought both of you closer. Societal attributes can raise a question on their masculinity. It would be best if you specifically blew this thought away.
  • Male infertility is not a reflection of their masculinity. The fundamental problem lies in a low level of testosterone. Few hormonal imbalances don't make them less of a man. It is a curable condition. Several treatment options are available.
  • Men are concerned about their social image among friends and family. If they have trusted you with their feelings, they expect you to keep it to yourself. If you are doubtful, you can take a second opinion from a fertility expert.
  • If he is stressed about finances or his job, cut down extra expenditures and plan out your budget.
  • Stress will further complicate the situation, and he may get depressed as well.

Indulge In Some Physical Activity

  • If exercise is not a part of your or his routine, you are a perfect match. You both can join any activity class like Zumba, yoga or dancing for a few days a week. Any physical activity releases a happy hormone called 'ENDORPHINS' that elevates the mood and improve blood circulation.
  • Trekking trips or beach vacay are great ideas for distraction. They can be tailored as per your budget plan.
  • We should not ignore male infertility. It can be an indicator of an underlying ailment. Urvara is the Best Fertility Center in Lucknow where we take care of your concerns beyond stigma and false beliefs.
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