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Almost 15-20% of couples experience infertility and go for an IVF. IVF or In Vitro Fertilisation is a procedure in which male and female gametes are fused in a lab and then placed inside a woman's uterus. IVF is a painful process and can traumatize a female’s mental and physical health. But in the end, it's worth it. The female partner and her psychological and physical fitness play an essential role in healthy eggs, but the role and importance of the male partner are ignored. There is a requirement of participation from both partners equally. The male partner is equally essential for a successful IVF as they need to provide healthy sperm. The following are the specialized tips, easy to follow, and integrated into your daily routine, allowing a greater chance of success for your IVF treatment.

5 Things for Husbands during an IVF

Watch out your Diet

Eat healthy and nutritious food. Add more proteins to your diet. It is scientifically proven that what you eat affects sperm count and sperm delivery. Therefore doctors suggest getting a recommended diet chart to improve your male fertility at least three months before the planned IVF treatment. Proteins can improve your overall health and also the quality of your sperm.

Stay Happy

Staying happy is the first and foremost thing you can do for a successful IVF. Stress can reduce your sperm count and the quality of your sperm. For a healthy sperm, you need to reduce your stress, stay happy, and feel good.

Stay Active

Exercising keeps you fit and helps in reducing your stress. Staying active eventually helps you in living a better quality of life. Husbands, Stay active and stretch out if you plan for an IVF shortly.

Less Consumption of Alcohol and quit smoking

Excessive amounts of alcohol consumption can damage the quality of your sperm. Drinking in moderation, or not at all, is very much recommended before an IVF treatment. By quitting smoking, you can reduce the amount of “free radicals” (stress) your sperm are exposed to. Both alcohol and smoking potentially damage DNA and reduces the quality of your sperm, in turn, making them more likely to be unsuccessful in fertilization.

Keep your testes cool

The more amount of testosterone you produce, the better the quality of the sperm sample you would provide for the IVF would be, and that would improve your chances of getting a healthy baby. This is achieved by keeping your testicles at the right temperature.


Husbands should be prepared before an IVF not only by doing the things mentioned above. But they should also be ready mentally to give all support to his wife. Men should support their female partners; they can go cranky, irritating, anxious. She may experience pain and mood swings. But husbands should always be happy and ready to help her in every way possible. Both partners need to maintain a healthy lifestyle before initiating the process. For a successful IVF, consult Dr. Richa Singh; she is the best IVF doctor in Lucknow..

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