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Egg Freezing

IVF and Egg Freezing: What to Expect and How to Prepary

If you are trying for too long and still unable to conceive, IVF is your best shot. If you are already on a journey to IVF, we know how much it is mentally and physically exhausting. One complete cycle of IVF takes about 3 weeks. All this pain and wait is absolutely worth taking for the little bundle of joy

IVF or in-vitro fertilization is a process where eggs from the mother and sperm from the father are taken outside of the body and fertilized in a laboratory under favourable conditions. It is monitored closely, and once the embryo is formed, it is transplanted inside the mother’s uterus.

If you are planning your pregnancy a little later in life or have any pre-scheduled surgical procedure, you can get the embryo frozen. The technique of preserving freezing embryos is called Embryo cryopreservation. With the couple's consent, the frozen embryo can also be implanted in someone else’s uterus.

Egg freezing is a different procedure that involves preserving a female’s eggs for future pregnancy. In this procedure, eggs are extracted out of egg-pool located inside ovaries. Eggs are stimulated for early maturation and taken out. These eggs are frozen and stored for future use. It is also called “oocyte cryopreservation”.

What to expect from the treatment?

A month-long procedure of IVF is full of heightened emotions, anxiety and physical changes in your body. Here are a few things that commonly occur on the IVF journey:

  • Too Many Medications: Oral and injectable medicines are given to ensure everything goes smoothly right from the beginning. Gather your strength, and do not miss your medication. Remember, every day counts.
  • Feeling Exhausted: Appointments, heavy medications, in-clinic procedures can make you tired. And if you are working full-time, that’s another add-on. Physical and mental stress can make you depressed and detached. You can confide in your partner and discuss your emotions. While you are going through all procedures, he might be going through an emotionally overwhelming state too.
  • Changes in Body: It is normal to gain some weight during the treatment. You may feel bloated around your stomach when eggs are stimulated. An increase in weight can occur at the beginning of the treatment due to hormonal injections. Women commonly experience an increase in appetite
  • Changes in The Digestion: It is entirely normal to experience constipation and loose stools during treatment. Follow your recommended diet plan. Drink plenty of water to minimize the bloating and flush out the toxins.

How to prepare for IVF?

Fertility treatments are an excellent choice for couples who have struggled with fertility for a long time. Before you start your IVF journey, prepare yourself physically and mentally.

  • De-stress Yourself: You are not allowed to take any interpersonal or work-related stress. Prioritize yourself. Stress is one primary reason for the failure of IVF procedures. So bid bye to stress and stress-causing agents.
  • Work on Yourself: Gather your strength and start exercising regularly. Exercise will elevate your mood and regulate your metabolism. Light to moderate physical activity will keep you active throughout pregnancy.
  • Take a Long Break: This is an essential part. A 3-6 months-long break from your stressful life and making dietary changes in routine can improve the quality of eggs. A stressful environment deteriorates the quality of eggs, and the treatment procedure may fail. If you aim to grow a better baby, you need to develop a better body.
  • Have a Schedule For All Medicines: Missing dose is not at all recommended. Pen down a timetable for all medication and prenatal supplements and take them regularly.
  • Quit Smoking and Drinking: 1. Nicotine prevents fertilization and ages the ovary. Studies have shown how alcohol consumption has caused the failure of IVF treatment. So, smoking and alcohol cessation is highly recommended six months before treatment.
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