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Myths and Facts about Menstruation

1. All menstrual cycles do not last 28 days

There are several period myths that cycle are for 28 days only and any deviation from that is unhealthy but the fact is that woman's menstrual cycle, may vary from 21 to 35 days, depending on her age and other health conditions. Although the normal menstrual cycle is 28 days, a shorter or longer cycle does not necessarily indicate that your health is in jeopardy. A cycle that differs from the average of 28 days is considered acceptable till 7 days later or sooner by healthcare providers as long as it is regular and predictable.

2. The timing of menstruation depends on ovulation

Normally, your menstrual cycle begins 14 days following ovulation. Depending on when you ovulate, the first phase of the cycle can last anywhere from 7 to 20 days, resulting in shorter or longer cycles. If you ovulate on day 14, for example, you may not have your period until day 28. If you ovulate on day 10, on the other hand, your period should arrive on day 24.

3. Periods can be irregular due to stress or illness

On our list of menstruation facts, one explanation for irregular periods is stress. Any type of stress on the body, whether physical or mental, can disrupt the body's natural hormone balance. As a result, you may experience a late or early period. Stressful life events, thyroid problems, diseases like the flu, certain drugs, and switching birth control can all cause irregular periods

4. Fluctuations in weight can affect your period

Because your body requires a particular amount of fat to store and release oestrogen and other hormones, losing or gaining weight during your cycle might cause irregular periods. Women with a high percentage of body fat are more prone to have irregular menstrual cycles as a result of increased oestrogen production.

5. Abnormal bleeding can indicate more serious health issues

During your period interval , unusual bleeding and spotting mid cycle or post menstrual can indicate underlying health issues such as polyps, infection, or any cancerous change in uterus or cervix or it could be due to approaching menopause. If you've been having unusual bleeding, see your gynaecologist right away so that you can be checked for potential health issues.

6. Irregular periods can often be treated with birth control pills or other hormonal treatments

Birth control tablets can help you have lighter, more regular periods by regulating your menstrual cycle. Consult your doctor about birth control tablets that will help you better manage your monthly periods, based on your specific health circumstances. Knowing how to track your menstrual cycle helps you in little awareness of your body that can also aid in the prevention and treatment of female health issues. You and your gynaecologist can work together to solve difficulties and period myths so that you can live a longer, more fulfilling life.

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