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best IVF Doctor in Lucknow

How to choose the best IVF doctor and treatment cost

IVF treatments are the highly effective treatments among assisted reproductive treatments. Couples suffering from infertility need the right advice, as it is a life changing decision. If you do not have anyone to guide, then it is difficult to select the best IVF centre to start the IVF journey.
IVF treatments are of good quality but reasonably priced in India as compared to other countries, so couples from different countries visit India for treatments. Finding the best IVF doctor is half the battle won.So one should Consult the best IVF Doctor in Lucknow.

best IVF Doctor in Lucknow

This article will provide a basic idea about the criteria to keep in mind while you select an IVF specialist.
Experience: Experience and skills really matter when it comes to any fertility treatment. Fertility treatment is not one fit for all and the doctor who has witnessed multiple live births through assisted reproductive technology is the one who can help you.
Fertility treatments are not successful at first attempt, and it is a really stressful situation for couples. An experienced IVF specialist uses a tailor made treatment plan for each patient to achieve success.
Fertility counsellors assess the mental and physical condition of a couple. Different treatment options can be discussed during this visit. Infertility takes a toll on mental health and couples undergo depression and anxiety. An experienced doctor builds confidence in couples and gives them a ray of hope.
Team: Team efforts are key to success in IVF treatment. For higher success rate a dedicated unit of IVF specialist, embryologist, laboratory technicians, nurses are required. Couples are sometimes away from families and coping with a lot of stress, supportive and understanding hospital staff can help them better.
Location: Cities with easy travel options and lots of facilities are convenient for patients seeking fertility treatment. IVF procedures are tedious and time consuming. Partners or relatives need to visit often or also can stay with the women undergoing treatment.
Location of the IVF centre should have easy conveyance and appropriate facilities. Due to affordable cost and quality treatment, the rural population of India and couples from different countries choose suitable cities for fertility treatment in India.Consult the best IVF Doctor in Lucknow.
Effectiveness: Different IVF centres have different success rates. Take time to access available facilities, advanced embryology labs with standard guidelines, patient satisfaction etc. Look for availability of advanced facilities such as laser assisted hatching, blastocyst culture etc
IVF centres with facilities of cryopreservation like egg freezing, sperm freezing, and embryo preservation can be effective for fertility preservation in couples who want to plan a baby in future. Also, certain cancers and their treatments can harm fertility in males and females. When a person with cancer wishes to have children post-treatment, planning is a must. Fertility preservation is a good way to save or protect eggs, sperm, and reproductive tissue for use in the future.

best IVF Doctor in Lucknow

Cost: IVF treatments put a lot of financial burden on patients, sometimes it is not successful in the first attempt. To avoid this and for higher success rate in minimum attempt fertility centres avails a lot of advanced techniques such as ERA (Endometrial Receptivity Analysis), genetic testing like PGD (Preimplantation Genetic diagnosis) and PGS (Preimplantation Genetic Screening), embryo glue which helps in achieving best results in previously failed IVF attempts. This will reduce the cost by avoiding repeated cycles. Consult the best IVF Doctor in Lucknow for ERA ,PGT.
Patients should be able to manage finances for the second or third attempt; if required. Every IVF cycle has a success rate upto 40% regardless of the cost. Discuss the expenses required after getting pregnant. By considering all these factors couples can get ready better and do not have financial stress.
IVF treatment cost ranges between 1 lakh to 3 lakh in India. Cost depends on individual patient factors, infrastructure of fertility centres,the technique used, IVF cycles required, embryology lab standards. Procedures like genetic screening, micro dissection may further add on to the overall cost. Know your package in detail, sometimes charges of embryo freezing and hormonal injections are not included while estimating the cost.
If you have some questions, feel free to contact Dr. Richa, fertility Expert, Urvara fertility centre, Lucknow.
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