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What to eat after embryo transfer?

In 1 cycle of the IVF Process by the IVF centre in Lucknow, one has to stimulate the ovary, retrieval egg, make an embryo, and transfer the embryo. According to the latest studies, any woman becomes pregnant after 3 IVF cycles.

Results are due 15 days after embryo transfer. So these 15 days of mental stress for any couple because often Couples constantly think that the result will be positive or negative!

Keep in mind that do not take any kind of mental stress and remain mentally free as it is necessary.

Best diet after embryo transfer

It is said to be kept lying for 3-4 hours after embryo transfer, during those 3-4 hours you can drink water, drink fruit juice, and eat ice cream. Do not eat too heavy food.

After 3-4 hours when you are discharged from the hospital you are given hormones tablets, injections, or gels which are progesterone support.

Understand why progesterone support is important! After transferring the embryo, the progesterone hormone plays an important role to support the embryo implant that results in the wall of the uterus.

This progesterone also has a side effect that it reduces your Peristalsis Moment. Because of which you have constipation, bloating due to which you have Indigestion and feel full, do not feel like eating, all of which is due to the hormonal support which you are given extra.

After embryo transfer, the results are positive, so they cannot reduce the support but can change the food.

What diet a person should follow at home after the embryo transfer?

First of all, you used to eat Routine Home Food, you can eat more fried things and do not eat too many hot spices because you will eat more fried and spicy foods, so much food will remain in your intestine, peristalsis will be less, and so there will be more indigestion.

IVF center in Lucknow

Do not take any food you take together and take it little by little in 2-3 hours an interval.

The more you keep yourself hydrated, drink more, and more water because the more water you drink, the more urination will occur and your body will detoxify.

After embryo transfer, your body has more antioxidants and the oxidant & toxin is good if it is a washout.

Do not sit after eating, do a little tear because of which you will not be bloating.

Indigestion that you have is mainly due to the tablets, injections, or gels given to them. So take a doctor's opinion once if you can change the dose or change the timing. But never change them according to your opinion, always seek the opinion of the doctor.

What can I take in food?

  • (i). Routine Home Food used to eat +
  • (i). Things made with gond, i.e., Gond Laddu
  • (ii). Can eat bananas,
  • (iii). Seasonal fruit can be taken 2–3.
  • (iv). Take so much vitamin C in food, because it works as an antioxidant.
  • (v). Together with Folic Acid, you can take a Multivitamin Supplement. Because of which, if you do not like to eat, then the Nutrition Store in your body should not be less.
  • According to Dr Richa Singh IVF doctor in Lucknow, It is often said about eating food, do not take almonds or saffron, all these things are hot, there is nothing like this.

  • (i). You have to take almond etc. essentially. Almonds, black grapes, and seasonal fruits that your body could accept till now can take fruits.
  • (ii). Walk slowly for 15-20 minutes after meals.
  • (iii). Do not eat spring food.
  • (iv). Stay at home, eat at home and live your life routine
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