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Egg Freezing: A Technique Which Makes It Easier To Become A Mother In Old Age

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Egg Freezing

What Is Egg Freezing?

Egg freezing, medically identified as oocyte cryopreservation, is a technique which makes it easier to embrace motherhood even in old age. It preserves the reproductive potentials of a woman as the eggs are harvested from the ovaries and are frozen when unfertilized. These are then stored to be fertilized in the future.

When Can One Opt For Egg Freezing?

This procedure can also be chosen by a woman in the following cases:

  • If a woman wants to be sure of their ability to conceive a child but isn’t currently planning on conceiving, she can opt for this procedure.
  • In case of cancer treatment, chemotherapy and radiotherapy may interfere with fertility.
  • In case of IVF, if the male partner fails to produce sperm on the given day, the woman’s egg can be frozen.

Benefits of Egg Freezing:

  • Catching up with life: Women reach peak fertility in their 20’s, at a time when they would rather focus on their careers. However, a biological clock is a thing! Egg freezing literally freezes the egg in time and health, and by the time the woman thinks of starting a family, she could use those frozen eggs to get pregnant, syncing up the timelines of their fertility and their lived lives.
  • With age, egg quality diminishes: As women age, the percentage of eggs in the ovaries with the right number of chromosomes decreases. Therefore, freezing eggs at a younger age ensures a larger portion of eggs remain normal when you are ready to start a family.
  • Reduces “fertility anxiety”: Some values remain rigid, and women are often pressured to start a family, constantly told that the biological clock is “ticking away”. With the option of egg freezing being universally available, women can beat this anxiety and focus completely on their individual lives and careers.
  • Preservation from diseases and invasive medical treatments: Egg freezing is beneficial for women with cancer, endometriosis, and other reproductive illnesses. Egg freezing gives you the opportunity to start a family once you regain your health.

Are There Any Risks Involved?

  • Success is not guaranteed. It is always advisable to opt for egg freezing at a younger age to ensure a higher probability of success.
  • Very rarely, use of a needle to retrieve the eggs causes bleeding or damage to the bowel, bladder or blood vessel.
  • Use of fertility drugs can cause the ovaries to become swollen.

However, these risks are rare, and when the process is carried out at the right place with a team of experienced and skilled doctors, one need not worry about the risks involved.

Where To Get The Right Treatment?

Dr. Richa Singh at Urvara Fertility Centre provides the best egg freezing treatment in Lucknow. The procedure is carried out in a hygienic and risk-free environment, tending to the individual needs of the patients. The clinic offers a reasonable cost for egg freezing and has had many successful and happy patients who have vouched for her patience, experience and politeness. Dr. Richa Singh has an experience of 11 years and a success rate of 77%, and is undoubtedly the best specialist in Lucknow.

To know more about egg freezing, the procedure and its costs in Lucknow, book an appointment now!

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