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Foods To Avoid While Trying to Conceive?

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Couples who are trying to conceive must follow basic factors which are essential for their lifestyle. These factors include eating a healthy diet, avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol, avoiding eating a lot of junk food and more. A healthy diet includes fruits, vegetables, fibre, vitamins and more.

There are a few fruits and vegetables which are advised by doctors to avoid when you are trying to conceive. A few food items might disrupt your pregnancy or affect the baby too and if you are someone who is trying to conceive.


If you are non-vegetarian, then you have to make sure that you avoid eating fish or any other seafood because fish contain mercury in high amounts, and it can affect your baby's development. Fishes which mostly contain high mercury can easily damage the brain and nervous system of the baby. It is necessary that you avoid eating seafood while trying to conceive a baby.

Fish which have low concentrations of mercury are salmon, pollock, catfish and canned light tuna. According to a few studies, eating average amounts of seafood contain low level of mercury and it does not cause major issues but eating more than the average amount of fishes can cause severe medical issues to baby.


Papaya is the raw form of fruit which has the potential to cause an abortion. Intake of this fruit can be very risky during pregnancy as it may cause miscarriage too. Papaya contains latex which results in uterine contractions and can disrupt hormonal balance in the female body. Eating raw papaya during the first week of pregnancy and during the final weeks of pregnancy is strictly not allowed, and it is also advised by doctors. Eating papaya impacts the development of a baby in the uterus.


Most fertility specialists may advise pregnant women to avoid eating eggplantṣ as this might induce gastric problems or indigestion during pregnancy. Eggplant is also called brinjal in Indian households and this is helpful in reducing amenorrhoea or premenstrual problems in females but if you are not facing gastric issues during pregnancy even after eating eggplant then it is not an avoidable food for you. Keep in mind that foods which are high in spices must be avoided during pregnancy.

Milk or its Products

Milk is advised to be consumed by doctors for the strength and development of the baby and mother, but it is necessary to consume it after boiling as milk might contain Listeria bacteria and it can lead to miscarriage or premature baby birth so always boiled milk is advisable.

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Eating an excess of pineapple is considered dangerous for a woman who is trying to conceive. This fruit contains bromelain which is a chemical substance and may result in an abortion. It can induce early labour and harm baby development and growth too. Eating pineapple in excess can increase body temperature and fluctuate blood pressure too and that’s why it is essential not to consume pineapple while you are trying to conceive a baby.


Grapes have the ability to increase the body temperature and it may result in complications during pregnancy. Other than vitamin C and Vitamin A, grapes also contain resveratrol chemical that may affect the hormonal stability in your body. Over-eating grapes during pregnancy can cause stomach pain due to high resveratrol chemical. To avoid these issues while conceiving a baby it is advised by several gynaecologists to stop the high consumption of grapes.

Other than these food items you have to avoid the intake of fennel or fenugreek seeds because it can affect a baby’s development in a negative way. Not only this, but fenugreek seeds also contain phytoestrogens which probably induce uterus wall contraction. Whereas sesame seeds cause uterine muscles to contract too and may lead to miscarriage.

It is advised to not consume when you are trying for pregnancy or during pregnancy. On the other hand, products made with refined flour and Ajinomoto may affect the growth of the baby and the mother’s health too.

In many cases, females face miscarriage not because of the intake of any fruit, vegetable, or food item but also due to other reasons. Infertility can be treated with advanced treatments such as IVF (In vitro fertilisation), ICSI (Intra cytoplasmic sperm injection), Intrauterine Insemination and other procedures. Urvara Fertility Centre has the top IVF specialist in Lucknow who make sure that infertile couple can fulfil their dream of parenthood and their journey of becoming parent become smoother under the right guidance.

By consulting with doctors, you will understand the need of several food items which are necessary for your wellness and baby's growth.

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