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Many males face infertility issues but these issues can be treated through male infertility treatments. There are many ways to treat such issues and for this finding the right specialist is also really important. Every infertile male must know about the factors which are necessary for choosing the right treatment option. Now we will tell you how to choose a male infertility treatment specialist who can help you to provide the right treatment. We will also discuss the selection of a male infertility treatment clinic.

What are the Common Causes of Male Infertility?

There are a number of factors that are responsible for male infertility like proper sperm production, sperm motility and function, sperm delivery, hormone levels in body, age of the person , lifestyle, and more. Let’s understand all of these causes-

  • Primary Causes - Primary causes of male infertility are genetic disorders, hormonal imbalance in body, Infections or treatments, and Lifestyle.
  • Genetic factors - Cystic fibrosis and Klinefelter syndrome can also cause male infertility. These medical conditions occur because of chromosomal abnormalities, gene mutations, or gene disorders.
  • Hormonal Imbalance - Hormone plays a crucial role in our body and it is also involved in the sperm production. If a person is facing hormonal imbalances then that may cause male infertility. Low testosterone levels and high prolactin levels in male body may be responsible for male infertility.
  • Past Infections or Treatments - Any Infections that affect the reproductive organs can affect male fertility. Surgeries like vasectomy or testicular surgeries can also affect sperm production. Not only this, if a person is on medication for a longer period of time which is related to its reproductive organs or facing any issues related to it then this can also cause male infertility too .
  • Lifestyle - Our body needs a good lifestyle for growth and development but poor lifestyle habits like drinking alcohol, smoking, taking drugs, increase or decrease in weight, and unhealthy diet, all this contribute to male infertility.

Factors to Consider when Selecting a Male Fertility Treatment Clinic

It is an important decision to know when to choose a Male Fertility Treatment Clinic and before doing selection of Male Fertility Treatment Clinic, you have to consider these given points-

Accreditations and Certifications

You have to make sure that the clinic you are going to choose has the proper accreditations and certifications. You can look for certifications on their website and the important part is clinics should follow best practices and ethical ways of treatment.

Treatment Success Rate

The clinic's success rate in treating male infertility is also a most important part. You have to ensure that their success rates for specific treatments are higher than other clinics and they provide the best treatment. It is better for you to choose such a clinic because it increases your chances of successful treatment.

Range of Treatment Options

You have to consider the treatment facilities which are related to advanced technologies and the healthcare system of that clinic. It is necessary that the clinic you are going to select has proper facilities and guides you during the treatment in a proper way. The clinic should have a highly experienced team of specialists for treating male infertility and it is necessary that they have many treatment options.

Convenience and Accessibility

Make sure that the location of the clinic is near your home. Regular checkups and appointments can be more hectic if the location of the clinic is far away from your home. That's why choosing a clinic that is conveniently located can help in reducing travel time and stress. This will also reduce your travel costs.

Reputation and Reviews

Check out the review of the clinic on their website and find out the experience of others who have undergone treatments at the same clinic. It is essential to visit the clinic and consult with their healthcare professionals to make a perfect decision. By visiting a clinic you can also get an understanding of clinic facilities and technologies they are using. By this, your choice of selecting a Male Fertility Treatment Clinic can be successful.

Types of Male Infertility Treatments

Depending on the underlying cause of infertility there are many male fertility treatments. These treatments are types of assisted reproductive techniques.

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

Intrauterine insemination is a process in which sperm is directly inserted into the uterus with the help of a catheter(a equipment used in this treatment). For this treatment sperms which are selected are motile and of good quality which can lead to pregnancy.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

In Vitro Fertilization is a complex process in which eggs are retrieved from ovaries and sperm are collected by males. Then both egg and sperm are fertilised in specific conditions in the laboratory. After embryo development, the embryo is transferred to the uterus for implantation.

Surgical Interventions

In a few cases, Surgical interventions are suggested by specialists. This procedure includes varicocele repair, vasectomy reversal, or testicular sperm extraction (TESE). With the help of these surgeries, physical abnormalities, blockages can also be treated.

Alternative Therapies

With the help of herbal supplements, acupuncture, yoga, lifestyle changes, and other habits may help in fertility treatment success. It is important to understand that the effectiveness of treatment and surgeries can be successful when you properly follow the personalised plan advised by the specialist. Male fertility treatment specialists can guide and support you during these treatments and you can easily discuss with your specialists about the medical issues you are facing.

Questions to Ask a Male Fertility Treatment Specialist

If you are going to choose a male fertility treatment specialist, it is important to ask these questions-

This is important to find out the specialist's qualifications, training, and experience related to infertility treatment. You can also ask about the success rates in this field.

Ask the specialist about their success rate in helping couples achieve pregnancy because this will make your decision more clear about the selection of specialists.

By the specialist's approach, you can understand the treatment plan and fertility treatment options offered by their clinic. You can also get knowledge about male fertility treatments and their approach to handling them.

The cost of the treatment is the major part of this process. By this, you can find out whether they offer financial assistance or not. Other than this, you can also get to know the other financial charges that are required for the treatment.

Finding the risks and complications before the treatment is better for infertile males. After knowing the risks you can make informed decisions too. On the other hand, you can also discuss the treatment side effects.

The common symptoms of male infertility are Low sex drive, Abnormal testicular growth, low hormone levels, ejaculation issues, difficulty in erection, etc.

Several tests can be conducted to diagnose male fertility issues. A few of them are Genetic testing, Scrotal ultrasound, Testicular biopsy, and Hormone tests. These tests are specific and recommended by a doctor depending on your medical history and other factors.

Lifestyle factors that can impact male fertility are excessive drinking of alcohol, smoking, Poor nutrition, Obesity, Stress, Drug use, unhealthy diet, and more.


Male fertility can be treated by many treatments. While choosing a male fertility treatment specialist, it is important to consider many factors like the clinic's accreditations and certifications, success rates, treatment options, reviews, and location. It is also important to find a specialist with whom you feel comfortable and have many years of experience. Not only this you should check out other healthcare facilities too. As we discussed, choosing a clinic with experience in treating male infertile patients increases the success rate of your male fertility treatment.

Choosing the right male fertility treatment specialist is an important decision. Once you choose a clinic make sure to consult with the specialists to know more about their approach to treatment. Ask about their success rates, costs, risks, and side effects related to the treatment, and by following these tips, you can find a fertility specialist in Lucknow who can help you achieve your goal of fatherhood.

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