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How to Find the Most Advanced Fertility Centre in Lucknow? – Dr. Richa Singh

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How to Find Most Advanced Fertility Centre in Lucknow?

Conceiving a baby is a memorable experience for every couple. However, not all couples can conceive a baby naturally. Some couples may conceive a baby with the help of fertility treatment. It is necessary to consider the right fertility centre before undergoing any fertility treatment. Let’s find out how you can find the most advanced fertility centre in Lucknow.

Healthcare Facilities

Before selecting an advanced fertility centre, you must check whether the centre you are selecting has the right healthcare facilities or not. Whether it is a consultation or during post-pregnancy you should avail proper healthcare facilities at the centre. Many centres provide Fertility treatment in Lucknow with the best healthcare facilities.

A Team of Doctors

To choose the most advanced fertility centre you must look into the team of highly experienced infertility specialists, embryologists with specialization in several fertility treatments. You can consult with the IVF specialist and get the right advice from them regarding your infertility treatment. To find out more about the fertility centre you can also discuss with doctors, counselors, nurses, and healthcare staff to understand the atmosphere of the centre.

The Technology used in the Centre

With the help of advanced technology, your chances of conceiving a baby increase. The clinic you are going to select should have the latest equipment and provide top-notch services to infertile couples. You must understand that the latest and advanced techniques like ICSI, blastocyst transfer, PGS, TESA, embryo glue, micro-tese etc increase your chances of successful pregnancy. Certain fertility centres have dedicated teams that enhance convenience for couples.

Success Rate and Reviews

You can check the success rate of the centre through reviews and testimonials of previously infertile couples. Analyse the success rate of a few fertility centres that can help you select the right fertility centre for your parenthood journey. Checking reviews is also a way to find out which centre is right to choose for fertility treatment. You can select the Top IVF centre in Lucknow, these IVF centres have higher success rates as compared to other fertility centres. Make sure that you understand that different success rates are associated with each procedure and vary according to the age group of patients.


Make sure that the fertility centre is conveying all the information with transparency and follows all the ethics while providing fertility treatment to infertile couples. Transparency in the fertility centre decreases your chances of further burden related to pregnancy. Not only this, but transparency can also help you understand each aspect of fertility treatment.

Cost of the Process

You have to make sure that the amount of the process must be clear and discussed before the treatment. This will help you plan your finances, and you can prepare additional amounts, if required. The fertility centre should inform you about every amount whether it is medications or consultation fees for your procedure. Ensure that the clinic provides clarity on the charges of your treatment. You can discuss with your fertility specialist to get the financial support or offers that are provided by the centre.

Duration of the Treatment

Most of the treatments take a specific time to complete and you should understand how much time your infertility treatment will take. Fresh cycles take upto 3 weeks and needs 4-5 visits on an average and frozen cycle might take 6 weeks and need additional 2-3 visits on an average. The convenient location of the fertility centre is also an important factor that you should consider while selecting your fertility centre.


It is important to consider the right fertility centre before you undergo any fertility treatment. For selecting the most advanced fertility centre you must look into a few factors. These factors include proper healthcare facilities, an experienced team of specialists, the latest and advanced techniques used centre, the success rate of the fertility centre, reviews and testimonials of patients, charges of the fertility treatment, cost of the process, financial support, emotional support provided at the centre, time taken to complete the fertility procedure, location of your centre.

By considering these factors you can select the most advanced fertility centre in Lucknow. Ensure that the centre you are selecting gives you clarity about the fertility treatment and advises you personalized treatment plan with the right medications. Choosing a fertility centre is an important decision for an infertile couple as it increases the chances of a successful pregnancy and makes your parenthood journey easier and more beautiful.

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