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IVF treatment demand increases due to hectic and polluted life!

Due to the polluted environment and workload, several kinds of problems have started occurring in the women’s bodies. One of these problems occurs in pregnancy. While on the one hand, the problems related to pregnancy have increased, luckily, on the other hand, new options have been invented to solve them. One of them is In Vitro Fertilization which is shortly known as IVF or test tube baby.

The test tube baby technique has proved to be effective for women who are unable to conceive. Due to this, IVF centers are increasingly opening in big cities as well as in the smaller ones. In this process, the eggs are extracted from the woman's ovaries, after which they are fertilized with sperm in the laboratory.

As it is comprehended that fertilization is the first stage of childbirth after the egg and sperm are found, forming the embryo. This fetus is then placed in the womb of the woman to grow and develop. In this process, the female eggs and the male sperm are been used. If either of these two has a problem in the egg or sperm, then the eggs or sperm of a donor can be used.

Let's see one of our Urvara Fertility Center cases:

This treatment is of Mrs. Rathi and Mr. Rathi. They had been married for 15 years and despite repeated attempts and treatment, they failed to have a child. This is when she was recommended by her relative about Urvara Fertility Center. They visited the clinic and the treatment of Mrs. Rathi started under the careful observation of Dr. Richa Singh. She used the latest and innovative fertility techniques to treat Mrs. Rathi, to which she began to respond slowly and eventually had a successful treatment which led to the birth of a baby girl recently.

This case certainly makes it clear that IVF has a high success rate and is a wise choice for all couples who wish to become parents.

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