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Whenever any woman finds out that she is pregnant, she is overjoyed with excitement, happiness, and various congratulatory messages. It is obvious that most of the family members and friends start thinking about the possible names for the coming baby and start sending gifts to the to-bee mother and father. Most of the books and magazine covers show the picture of happy pregnant women but in reality, there are higher chances that during pregnancy women suffer from anxiety and the scenario is different. If she is not feeling that happiness excitement and her mind is consumed by fear of responsibility and anxiety then all you need to do is read this blog carefully till the end.

What is anxiety?

This is a difficult feeling of fear, apprehension, discomfort, and people usually feel unease regarding any upcoming event. The physical symptoms of anxiety are feeling irritable, restless, and constantly worried. If the anxiety is not cured then it can lead to panic attacks. This panic attack includes various items such as chest pain, sweating, shaking, shortness of breath, or racing heartbeat, etc.

Everybody looks for happy images of pregnant women but it is essential to understand that and it is one of the common conditions that occur during pregnancy. Several studies state that more than 35% of women experience and society during pregnancy and almost 15% off of women feel immediately after childbirth.

Can anxiety affect pregnancy?

Sometimes the anxiety during pregnancy is considered to be normal but if the pregnant woman starts feeling complications and symptoms of physical and mental deterioration in health then it will affect and interfere in the lifestyle of pregnant women. If this is it is not diagnosed early and develops into a full-blown anxiety disorder then this could increase the risk of pre-eclampsia, preterm labor, or low birth weight. Sometimes, this anxiety even leads to postpartum depression in females.

How to calm anxiety during pregnancy?

There are the following measures that you can include in your lifestyle to calm anxiety during pregnancy. Some of these measures you can do on your own but few of them will require communicating with your peer group that you trust the most.

Talk about it-

The first step towards calming down your anxiety during pregnancy will be to acknowledge the feelings you possess and seek help. All you need to do in this step is to talk about your pregnancy condition with your trusted people or you can even book appointments with any experienced therapist. The best way of reducing and it will be by sharing your true thoughts with your loved one. It is recommended to choose those people who are willing to listen to your feelings without being judgmental. You can choose pregnant women to share their feelings as they have also been in the same shoes for once.

Find measures to reduce stress-

normal life is not free of stressful situations and you are always loaded with your work responsibilities, family issues, household work, traffic, etc. And above all when you are pregnant then all this becomes too much to consume. All you need to do is find some ways to manage this stress. For example, you can include regular exercising, meditation, pranayama, yoga in your lifestyle.

If you are facing any kind of mental issues such as anxiety, or depression, etc then you can consult the Urvara fertility center for treatment. This center is prominent in curing all kinds of fertility issues.

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