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Can Male Infertility Be Treated Naturally?

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Can Male Infertility Be Treated Naturally?
Here Is All You Need To Know

Male infertility is a disease of the reproductive system that occurs in men. It can be a frustrating condition for couples looking forward to starting a family. There are countless ways to prevent male infertility, However, once clinically diagnosed, it gets difficult to treat it naturally.

What Symptoms Will You Notice?

There are a few signs and symptoms that will mark the onset of infertility. Steps can be taken in order to treat male infertility once you notice the following symptoms:

  • (i). Difficulty in ejaculating the sperm.
  • (ii). Reduced sex drive.
  • (iii). Swollen testes.
  • (iv). Erectile dysfunction.
  • (v). Low levels of testosterone.
  • (vi). Unusual growth of breasts.
  • What Should Be Avoided?

    Fertility in males is evaluated by checking the sperm count, sperm mortality rate, and the shape of the sperm. An abnormality in any or all of these causes male infertility. The factors mentioned below can be avoided to prevent infertility:

    • Lifestyle: Healthy habits must be incorporated in one’s lifestyle in order to avoid infertility. These include proper rest and relaxation, limited exposure to toxins, drugs and alcohol, and maintaining the weight
    • Radiations: Radiations from mobile phones and laptops heavily impact sperm production. Be mindful of these radiations by avoiding keeping mobiles directly in the pocket and keeping the laptop on the lap while working for prolonged hours.
    • Heat: Long hot water baths and saunas must be avoided. The testes must be kept at an optimum temperature and for this, sitting for prolonged hours and wearing tight clothes should be limited.

    Are There Natural Remedies?

    While it is always advisable to consult the doctor once you notice such symptoms, it is not always true that you may have to opt for expensive medical treatments. Don’t fret, as there are natural remedies to help you through this phase.

    • Change your diet: Consult your doctor and dietician and work on an alternate diet. Make sure your diet has all the necessary vitamins and minerals that boost sperm production. Apart from this, foods rich in zinc and vitamin C increases sperm count and sperm motility and helps boost immunity. Consuming fenugreek and pomegranate in any form is an added booster to sperm count. Increasing the consumption of vitamin D also goes a long way.
    • Exercise: Sufficient exercise helps if the problem is not worrisome. Set an exercise routine and stick to it. It is important to ditch the inactive lifestyle in order to boost the flow of oxygenated blood to your pelvis and strengthen the muscles. Exercising regularly boosts the testosterone and sperm count in the body.
    • Yoga: Stress can worsen the problem of infertility, and yoga has proven to be beneficial in terms of getting rid of all kinds of mental stress. Your doctor and physician will guide you to perform yoga poses which would help boost male fertility and improve the quality of semen as well. Yoga also helps in increasing the sperm production, sperm motility and also ensuring the optimum level of testosterone in the body.
    • Proper sleep and relaxation: Sound sleep and relaxation helps combat psychological factors that cause infertility, such as stress and anxiety. Proper rest is also important for hormonal balance.

    It is always better to nip the condition in the bud before it gets worse. Therefore, it is highly recommended to incorporate these habits in your lifestyle and be consistent with them in order to prevent infertility and treat it at its nascent stages.

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