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Food intake and exercise during menstruation

Foods to eat during menstruation

1. Water

It's crucial to drink enough of water at all times, but it's especially critical during your period. Staying hydrated will help you avoid dehydration headaches, which are a common symptom of menstruation.
It's also possible that drinking enough water can help you avoid bloating and water retention.

2. Fruits

Water-rich fruits like watermelon and cucumber make it simple to stay hydrated. Sweet fruits can help you fulfil your sugar cravings without raising and then lowering your blood sugar levels.

3. Leafy green vegetables

Your iron levels are likely to decline during your period, especially if your menstrual flow is heavy. As a result, you may experience fatigue, physical ache, and dizziness.

4. Ginger

Drinking a warm mug of ginger tea might help with certain menstruation problems. Ginger contains anti-inflammatory qualities that can help reduce muscular pain.
Ginger can also be used to alleviate nausea. Although there are few studies to support this, one from 2018 found that ginger successfully decreased nausea and vomiting during pregnancy's first trimester. It's worth a go because it's both secure and low-cost.
However, don't overdo it on the ginger: If you ingest more than 4 grammes in a single day, you may have heartburn and stomach discomfort.

5. Chicken

Chicken is another iron- and protein-rich item to add in your diet. Protein is beneficial to your overall health and can help you feel full and content during your period, preventing cravings.
The physical and mental advantages of exercise don't stop when you're on your period. In fact, following to a schedule might assist to ease some of the most common menstrual symptoms.

"Period is a hormonally difficult time," says Dr.Richa Singh. "Both progesterone and oestrogen are at their lowest for the whole duration of the period part of the menstrual cycle, which can make individuals feel fatigued and less energetic."

Avoiding exercise, on the other hand, will neither save you energy or make you feel better. Take advantage of this week to try out some new routines instead of ceasing all activity during your period. Here are five compelling reasons to workout during your period.

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