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Immune system malfunction may disrupt your bodies natural perfectly designed system of checks and balances. When you have an autoimmune disease, your immune response goes into overdrive, and your body starts attacking and destroying normal cells. If your immune system is weak, your body's natural safeguards are weakened and therefore unable to fend off invading pathogens, rendering you susceptible to infection.


best IVF doctor in Lucknow

Day-to-day living can be daunting for anyone with autoimmune disorders such as lupus, thyroid disease, rheumatoid arthritis, MS, type 1 diabetes, and a variety of other chronic diseases. The goal of therapy is to remove the immune system's hyperactivity, and the disorder can be managed with medicine.

There are two forms of immune deficiency or immunodeficiency disorders. Primary immunodeficiency is a congenital or hereditary condition. There have been hundreds of primary immunodeficiency conditions, but they are relatively rare.

Chemotherapy, radiation, extreme burns, malnutrition, some diseases, AIDS, and infectious hepatitis are all examples of secondary immune defects triggered by a severe disease or a harmful substance. Your immune response is weakened as a result of exposure to those chemicals and viruses, making it vulnerable to infections. Everything which affects the immune system, like removing your spleen or receiving treatment for certain infections, will result in an immunodeficiency disorder.


best Infertility doctor in Lucknow

Immune disorders may have a variety of effects on your fertility. In autoimmune disease, the body attacks not only foreign invaders, but also non-foreign tissue that it incorrectly perceives as a hazard. This causes a lot of swelling in your body, which can stop you from ovulating. Besides that, when your body goes on the offensive, it can prevent reproduction by killing sperm and even embryos that it wants to target.

A healthy immune system is important during conception since it aids the uterus in accepting and nurturing the embryo. Your immune system is in charge of activating those blood vessels that are required for the development and growth of new blood vessels.


best IVF doctor in Lucknow

If you realize you have an immune deficiency disorder or an autoimmune condition, you should seek care from a fertility specialist. Immune dysfunction will act toward your efforts to reproduce and raise your chances of miscarriage dramatically.

Each of these problems should be addressed by your doctor. It really wouldn't sound right to promote conception by fertility therapy just to have the pregnancy end in miscarriage, so the strategy is two-tiered.

A diagnosis is confirmed after checking for those that are not informed of any immune issues but are suffering infertility or recurring miscarriage.

Immune testing for infertility is really not common, and it's typically reserved for instances of recurrent miscarriage or several unsuccessful cycles of IVF in which the embryos are considered to be active and of excellent quality yet pregnancy isn't achieved. Your doctor can check for immune deficiencies if you have real fertility issues.

Management for immune-related infertility is not really a one-size-fits-all approach and would be personalized to your unique needs. In the overwhelming majority of cases, IVF and careful monitoring of the pregnancy can result in a healthy pregnancy.


Numerous females who are unable to conceive are suffering from an immune deficiency. There are many signs, but the following are by far the most prevalent:

  • 1. Tenderness or swelling of the muscles and joints
  • 2. Concentration problems
  • 3. Intolerances
  • 4. Gastrointestinal issues
  • 5. Illnesses that usually appear on a regular basis
  • 6. Skin alterations; rashes that aren't clarified
  • 7. Blood sugar discrepancy (hypoglycemia)
  • 8. Severe exhaustion

    Dr Richa who is best fertility doctor in Lucknow says, All those who realize they have an autoimmune condition or immunodeficiency, or are undergoing tests to find out, don't have to feel helpless. You will strengthen the immune system and plan for a healthy pregnancy by doing a few things.

    The best fertility doctor recommends to consume a diet high in organic, nutrient-dense foods grown close to home. Processed foods and junk food should be restricted, if not entirely avoided. Increase your protein consumption by eating a 20-30 gram high-protein breakfast within an hour of getting up.

    Meditation can help to relieve the strain on your joints as well as your mind. Decrease anxiety with physician recommended exercise and meditation. Control your stress-inducing habits (online networking) and learn calming strategies.

    Supplements will allow your body get the nutrients it needs to sustain and improve your immune system. Don't hesitate until you're pregnant to start taking prenatal vitamins. Probiotics can help control the body's bacteria and boost digestion. Folic acid is important for a healthy pregnancy. Before consuming any supplements, always consult your doctor. Consult the best IVF doctor.


    During the IVF phase, there are times when women are emotionally struggling among themselves; in these situations, a good medical opinion can provide women with much needed encouragement. Dr Richa is the best Infertility doctor in Lucknow. Book your appointment now!

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