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The two significant aspects that determine fertilisation to take place are a good sperm count and good quality of eggs. If any of the factors are deranged, then conception will not occur. The truth that cannot be neglected is both males and females are equally the contributors when it comes to infertility; that is, male infertility is a cause of not being able to conceive for about 30 to 40% in totality.

male infertility

For a male, although there are 100-300 million sperm counts, however, if this number is less and for any reason, there is damage in the male reproductive organ, then conception cannot take place.

Reasons for Male Infertility Occurs

(i). With defective sperm, there is a problem in conceiving. It may so happen that the males may have less sperm count, low motality rate of sperm, and deranged shape of it that makes conception challenging.
(ii). When there is damage in the ejaculatory duct and transportation of the sperm.
(iii). Due to hormonal disorders
(iv). Congenital disabilities that may involve undescended testis
(v). Infectious conditions
(vi). Cancerous tumours or the treatment of cancer such as chemotherapy and radiation
(vii). Genetic defects in chromosome
(viii). Chronic diseases, alcohol consumption, and smoking habits

In this blog, we will be talking about the difficulty in the transportation of the sperms and why that happens; also regarding what kind of treatment is to be followed.
sperm counts
(1). Obstruction at response may occur in the epididymis, vas deferens, and ejaculatory duct.
(2). Obstruction in the epididymis may be a cause of inflammation or infection in it, some kind of scrotal trauma or injury, and in cases where there are genetic conditions.
(3). In case there is an obstruction in the vas deferens, the reasons for it may be due to some previous injury or trauma, midline congenital cysts, vasectomy, and infection.

Causes of ejaculatory blockages are
(1). Congenital (Birth) defect
(2). Infections
(3). Trauma
(4). Past surgery
For a couple rying to conceive, futile attempts at getting pregnant can be heartbreaking. Things take a drastic turn in their life, and they are soaked in pain and exhaustion. For such couples, along with the doctor's advice, an appropriate treatment plan is necessary. Although this day has seen the brimming of ART, when issues such as male infertility are being called out, there are treatment steps that can be opted before undertaking IVF or ICSI.

A Few of the Treatment Plans to be Considered for Male Infertility are;
Blockages can be removed by surgery, and a connecting pathway can be made by doctors, especially in cases of congenital disabilities. As they say, everything has a solution, even while talking of infertility and its answers, there are a number of alternatives that can be sought to make fertile conditions achievable.
Sperm transport issues
Restoring the sperm flow, removing the blockage can be obtained surgically. However, if surgical intervention does not prove to be of much help, then you can always rely on ART. After all, the motive is always to have your baby in your arms and see him smiling. Talk to the best infertility specialist in Lucknow to find answers to your problems, know the cause of your infertility issues, treat the symptoms and bring in the joy that you have always desired in your life.
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