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When Should You Consult with an Infertility Specialist?

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For a couple who has been trying to conceive a baby for more than a year and is not able to become a parent then it is must, that they should consult with an infertility specialist. There are many fertility specialist who can help and guide infertile couples and give them proper personalised plans to fulfil their dream of parenthood. There are many reasons which are considered as the most common causes of infertility. Let us tell you about these reasons one by one.

Age of couple

Many couples who are more than 35 years of age may face infertility issues. If a woman gets pregnant after or around the age of 40 then miscarriage may also take place. When women get older, then the quality and number of egg formation decreases and the same happens when men get older sperm quality and motility of sperm also reduces.

In many cases couples who have been trying for more than six months to get pregnant without birth control medications then they should visit a fertility clinic to find out the cause of their infertility. On the other hand, the lifestyle of a couple may produce hindrance in fertility too. It includes excessive smoking, low nutrient diet, high consumption of alcohol and more which results in many infertility problems.

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Multiple Miscarriages

If a woman has faced multiple miscarriages, there is a need to monitor health and fertility issues. Miscarriage occurs when a woman loses the pregnancy before 20 weeks. Excessive bleeding, severe cramps and abdomen pain also result in miscarriage. Miscarriage may happen during the early development of the embryo too. If you are someone who has faced multiple miscarriages, then you have to consult with IVF specialists. Urvara Fertility Centre have the top IVF specialist in Lucknow who provide personalised treatment plans for every infertile couple and make them aware of infertility causes and different treatment procedure in the right manner.

Erectile Dysfunction

During sex, males who face problems while erection or ejecting sperm are mostly considered infertile but there are many treatments which are advised by the male infertility specialists to treat these infertility conditions. You can easily make an appointment with a specialist and discuss the problem you are facing related to your fertility and in this situation consulting with a highly experienced doctor will be more beneficial for you in many ways because they can guide you properly and diagnose your problem easily.

Chronic Medical Conditions

If an infertile couple is facing any chronic medical conditions, then it also affects the fertility process of that couple. Long-lasting medical issues or conditions can affect the major body parts too. If a person is facing diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, or more then it will be difficult for that person to conceive a baby.

In such situations, it is essential to go for the diagnosis of that medical condition, take medications for it and properly follow the treatment plan which is advised by your specialist. Keeping these chronic medical conditions aside will not only affect your body but also decrease the chances of becoming a parent. So, in such cases fertility treatment can be taken by expert specialist.

Menstrual Disorders

Menstrual disorders are also one of the reasons behind infertility and it is necessary that you consult a doctor when you face period issues such as amenoorhoea or irregular period which means ovulation disorder. Bleeding between periods or after sex due to uterine polyp.

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Other than this, if any women face heavy periods for more than six to seven days then it is essential to visit your doctor because it can lead to anemia. Painful cramps during menstrual bleeding may affect your body too. So, if you are facing high abdomen pain during periods then you can discuss it with your doctor to rule out any pressure of endometriosis

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Sexually Transmitted Infections are those infections and conditions which are spread through any kind of sexual activity. Sexually Transmitted Infections such as gonorrhoea, trichomoniasis, syphilis, HIV, and more. These infections can affect male and female reproductive organs and lead to severe damage too.

It is necessary to discuss these infections and diseases properly with your specialist before considering any infertility treatment. Urvara Fertility Centre have a top infertility specialist in Lucknow who guides the patient about the infection and helps them out with a proper treatment plan.

It is essential that you visit an infertility specialist to get proper treatment and to increase the chances of successful fertility procedure. If specialists advise you on a few medications or procedures, then you have to make sure that you follow those medications in the right manner. This will improve your parenthood journey and increase your chances of becoming a parent.

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