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How Does Sperm Quality Affect IVF Success?

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Couples who face any infertility issues must consult with doctors or infertility specialists to find out the cause of not being able to conceive and its treatment. There are many factors which affect pregnancy such as smoking and drinking alcohol, lifestyle, eating a balanced diet and more.

The quality of the egg and sperm also affects the fertilisation process. Sperm quality means the overall health of a specific sperm. Many couples who face infertility issues consult at fertility centres to conceiving a baby.

Urvara Fertility Centre offers not only advanced treatment but also provides the best healthcare facilities to its patients is known as the Best IVF Clinic in Lucknow. Now let’s find out how sperm quality affects IVF treatment success.

How Does Abnormal Sperm Affect The IVF Process?

If the sperm is not in normal condition, then it will eventually affect the IVF process. As the IVF process is basically the fertilisation of sperm and egg in specific laboratory conditions and involves a few steps too it is necessary that sperm and egg must be in proper condition and have good quality.

If sperm is in abnormal condition, then it will impact the fertilisation process. This may adversely affect the formation of an embryo and may cause birth defects. Abnormal sperm can also be the reason behind not conceiving a baby and this also reduces the chance of the natural fertilisation process.

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Does Poor Sperm Quality Affect The IVF Process?

Poor quality of sperm may lead to negative changes during embryo formation after the fertilisation process. As per the research, lower-quality sperm can increase the chances of premature babies too. But IVF treatment can be helpful in this condition. As sperm are collected and then fertilised with egg in a lab only the best quality of sperm is selected for this process. So, there is a higher chance of successful infertility treatment.

On the other hand, Low motility of sperm may also affect the fertilisation process and that is why doctors advise most infertile men to ICSI (Intra cytoplasmic sperm injection) treatment or IVF treatment because in both these treatments low sperm motile sperm can also use for the fertilisation process.

The embryo quality also gets affected due to the poor nature of sperm. That’s why male specialists prefer to do a genetic analysis of sperm and then begin the fertility treatment. Many infertile males prefer to consult with male infertility doctors for better understanding and do not feel hesitation while consulting with them. Urvara Fertility Centre is a well-structured centre and has the best male infertility doctor in Lucknow who makes sure to provide the right information about every process with a patient’s infertility reasons.

How To Improve Sperm Quality for IVF Success?

It is necessary to take a diet which is rich in vitamins, minerals, and fibre and contains high protein. Avoid smoking regularly and drinking alcohol because it decreases sperm quality and reduces sperm motility too. It is essential to avoid eating junk food and focus on maintaining a proper diet.

Doing exercise or yoga and reducing your stress is also a necessary part of improving sperm quality for IVF success and this will also lead to better development of embryo after the fertilisation. Few male specialists provide medications too if there is any requirement for the patient.

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Talking about your concerns and having a better understanding of male infertility causes and its treatment is also a crucial part of infertility treatment. Before IVF treatment try to discuss with your fertility specialist and talk about your medical issues or history, medications you are following and more because it may affect the fertilisation process too.

On the other hand, taking a lot of stress may also affect the IVF treatment in a negative manner. It is essential that you should avoid taking stress for successful IVF Treatment. You can also spend time with your loved ones and do your favourite hobby to increase the chances of IVF treatment success rates.

Consult With Your Specialist

There are many treatments which are used by male specialists for treating infertility conditions in males. The success rate of these treatments depends on several factors which are already mentioned and one more thing which is essential to know is the cause behind infertility.

Many males hesitate to find the reason behind their infertility, but it is necessary to find out the reason behind it so that a specialist will provide a personalised treatment plan and the best services and so that you can conceive a baby.

Still, many people are unaware of sperm quality and the affects of these sperms on various fertility treatments, but it is necessary that they understand the root cause of such medical conditions and come forward to fulfil their parenthood dream.

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