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What is Varicocele and How Does it Impact Male Infertility?

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What is Varicocele And How Does it Impact on Male Infertility?

Varicocele is a medical condition in which veins within the scrotum(a sac that holds the testicles in the male body) get enlarged. These swollen veins in the scrotum are similar to varicose veins that occur in the legs. As per the few research studies this medical condition is common in men and affects a large percentage of the male population. If someone gets diagnosed with varicocele, then he must consult with a doctor to know about the treatment. Let's understand how varicocele impacts male infertility.

What are causes of Varicocele?

Varicocele is a condition in which the veins inside the scrotum become enlarged. This can happen when the valves in the veins do not function properly and lead to an accumulation of blood in the scrotal veins which later causes varicocele.

There are many causes of varicoceles. Several points are responsible for the development of this condition such as Faulty Valves which means incompetence of the valves that are present in the testicular veins and this causes blood flow reverse and pooling of blood inside the veins only.

Anatomical differences are also one of the factors for the Varicocele. Not only this, but another factor is genetic issues. If one generation has faced this condition then the next generation might face the same because of genes.

What are the symptoms of Varicoceles?

Many symptoms are not noticed for longer periods because these symptoms are mostly painless but some people may feel pain during varicoceles. Discomfort or severe pain, and swelling in the scrotum is the most common symptom. Some people might feel heaviness in their scrotum, problems lifting heavy weights, and pain in the abdomen are also symptoms of varicoceles. In the severe conditions of varicoceles, testicular atrophy which means a decrease in testicular size also takes place.

If someone is experiencing scrotal pain or discomfort regularly, it is necessary to consult with a doctor and get the right guidance for proper diagnosis and treatment options. This can lead to infertility too if a person does not consult with a doctor. Urvara fertility Centre is known for its team of the best infertility doctors in Lucknow. They properly guide and provide personalized treatment plans to each patient who is facing this condition.

How Varicocele and Male Infertility are related to each other?

Varicoceles can affect a man's fertility in many ways. As testicles require a lower temperature than the normal body temperature of the body for sperm production varicoceles can lead to an increase in scrotal temperature, which can reduce sperm production in testicles. Not only this, impacts sperm quality, decreases sperm production, reduces sperm motility, and more negative effects happen due to varicoceles.

Varicoceles also make negative changes in normal blood flow in the testicular veins which harm sperm movement. This condition can lead to a hormonal imbalance of testosterone in the male body which affects sperm quality and its production in the body. As sperm quality, motility, and production reduce in the male body then it can cause infertility.

Many IVF centers offer male infertility treatment options and you can choose the right IVF center that provides the best infertility procedures. Male Infertility Treatments in Lucknow are offered by Urvara fertility center with advanced techniques and ensure that healthcare staff guides you during the treatment.

Medical Approaches for the Treatment of Varicocele :

There is advancement in treatment options for Varicocele such as Embolization, Varicocelectomy, Assisted Reproductive Techniques, and Regular monitoring. Let's understand each one of them simply. Embolization is a treatment in which a catheter is inserted into the affected veins and then a small-sized coil is used to block blood flow. Another treatment option is Varicocelectomy which involves the removal or ligation of the enlarged veins through a surgical procedure.

Assisted Reproductive Techniques include IVF technique that is In Vitro Fertilisation and intra cytoplasmic sperm injection, and these processes help in fulfilling the dream of fatherhood. With the help of surgical procedures, there are high chances that your sperm motility, quality, and production also increase and this will increase the chances of fertility. A person who is facing varicocele must maintain a healthy diet and exercise schedule, manage stress, and avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. Avoid hot water baths or saunas because they can increase your problem, and sound sleep.

It's really important that if you face any symptoms of varicoceles then take it seriously and consult with your infertility doctor. Assessing a varicocele is a crucial step in the diagnostic and treatment process. Discuss with your specialist which treatment option will be best for you as per the condition and understand each step of the treatment plan.

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